You might want to rethink driving around this CNY

With the Lunar New Year festivities underway, whether you plan to stock up on sumptuous New Year delicacies at Chinatown, take a stroll down River Hongbao or be entertained by scintillating performances at the Chingay Parade, you can be sure of crowded roads chock full of vehicles.

This does not spell good news for those of you who plan to drive this festive season. Think battling slow moving traffic en route to your reunion dinner, spending way more time to find parking than actually shopping for New Year goodies, and the list goes on. The thought can already leave you feeling disgruntled and exasperated, trampling on your festive mood.

Want to avoid these situations? Look no further than FIV Personal Driver. With the FIV mobile app, you can book a trusty private driver to drive you in your car, wherever, whenever. Being able to travel around in the comfort of your own car while not having to deal with crazy traffic? Yes please!

At an affordable rate of SGD35/hour, you get to hire a personal driver on demand to handle all the stresses of festive road traffic. Enjoy luxury chauffeur service at a fraction of the cost to hire a full-time private driver.

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Concerned about driving home after inebriating late-night gatherings? Or too exhausted to drive back after a long session of mahjong? Well, worry no more. A 24/7 service, you can count on a reliable FIV Personal Driver to drive you home safely in your car. You can now stay back as long as you want!

Getting a driver on demand has never been so effortless. With top-notch chauffeur service, FIV Personal Driver allows you to experience safe, convenient and pleasant travels in the comfort of your own car.

FIV Personal Driver

Try our service for yourself! Download the FIV mobile app on iTunes or Google Play today to get ready for the upcoming Chinese New Year Eve.

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