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We all know that good things are meant to be shared – whether it’s a piece of amazing news, great product deals, or simply a hotspot connection. Which is why even the most basic FIV membership plan allows you to share your exclusive membership benefits with at least one other person.

Just like how global TV powerhouse Netflix allows you to stream movies and TV shows from up to 4 screens simultaneously, FIV allows you to share your myriad of membership benefits with your loved ones. After all, sharing is caring, right?


With FIV, you can provide your parents, spouse, and children with luxurious chauffeur services and the best transport option by simply inviting them to your membership plan through the FIV mobile app. Go to “Send Invitations” under the Membership Settings tab and key in the email addresses of your invitees.

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If you’re too busy dealing with your insane workload to book yourself a chauffeur, you can also invite your trusty secretary or personal assistant to your account, who can book a driver on your behalf. You’ll never have to take unnecessary time away from important tasks ever again.

Have a company car and need someone to chauffeur your employees to out-of-office meetings and business events? We’ve got you covered. Our corporate membership plans allow you to share your membership benefits with as many people as you want. Simply invite your employees to share your membership plan and enable them to book and enjoy luxurious chauffeured rides.

Sounds inviting? You can discover more about out membership plans here, and choose the one that fits your needs best.

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To sign up for membership, simply download the FIV mobile app on iTunes or Google Play and tap on Membership from the app menu to get yourself started.

If you require any assistance, we are more than happy to help. Kindly drop us an email at Alternatively, you may reach us at 6771 5877.

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