Owning a car has never been more convenient with FIV Personal Driver

After a long and draining day at work, there is nothing better than heading home and fixing a glass of your favourite whiskey. Before you get there, however, there is always the dreaded journey back. The thought of sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic while trying to keep your sleep-laden eyelids open throughout is almost unbearable.

Yet you don’t have a choice. You feel tempted to leave your car in the office building carpark and call a cab home. But you got to send your kids to school the next day, and you can’t risk being late for that all important early morning meeting. Having the car is still the best option…

What if… You had someone to drive you home, in your car? Someone who drives well (and not crash your newly bought Mercedes-Benz E250), and is readily available whenever needed?

If you are nodding yes as you read this, then FIV Personal Driver is the solution for you. FIV is a mobile app that connects you to professional chauffeurs 24/7, at an affordable hourly rate of SGD35. No matter when you want a driver, whether after many late nights at the office, or heading back from a networking event (that usually involves alcohol), you will be able to get your personal driver anytime, anywhere with a few simple taps on your mobile phone.
Pro tip: We do our best to get you a driver at all times. However as our professional drivers operate according to their own schedules, be sure to book at least 1 day in advance, from 7am-11pm on weekdays, to guarantee your booking.

View More: http://harlinmillerphoto.pass.us/louise-yuBetter still, there is no need for you to go through the hassle of paying cash. Simply input your credit card details upon registration, and we will charge your credit card on file.

FIV Logo - personal Chauffeur on Demand

Get yourself started with FIV by downloading the mobile app on iTunes or Google Play today. If you require frequent usage, then be sure to check out our membership plans for more exclusive benefits!

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