Myth debunked: Hiring a luxury personal driver can be affordable

People who hire personal chauffeurs have different needs, but one thing they have in common is this: they typically fork out an exorbitant sum to hire one.

Hence, having a personal driver has been dubbed as something that can only be afforded by the well-heeled with the spare cash to splurge on the little luxuries in life, especially in Singapore where the cost of living isn’t exactly wallet-friendly.

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If you are looking for an affordable yet reliable chauffeur service, look no further than FIV Personal Driver. Instead of committing to an annual contract for a full-time chauffeur (and not utilising most of the time that you’ve actually paid for), why not be a FIV member, an affordable monthly subscription chauffeur service?

By signing up for any of our membership plans, you get to have tight control of your transport costs. FIV’s efficient pricing model is a combination of fixed and variable costs, where you pay a fixed monthly subscription fee to enjoy the benefits of a reliable 24/7 chauffeur service, charged at a low hourly rate of SGD30.

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Think about it: how many hours per day do you actually require a private chauffeur to drive you around?

You probably need no more than four hours of chauffeur service on a typical weekday – one hour for someone to drive you to work, and another one for the drive back home. Add another two if you have external meetings. That adds up to 20 hours/week, and 80 hours/month.

Now say you sign up for our premium membership plan that costs SGD499/month and use our chauffeur service for four hours every weekday. That adds up to SGD2,899/month. However, hiring a regular full-time chauffeur in Singapore will cost you a minimum of SGD4000/month. Not to mention CPF costs, unavailability due to sick days, leave entitlements, etc. You get the picture.

By using FIV Personal Driver, not only do you reduce a huge chunk of transport expenses, the unnecessary administrative burden that comes with hiring a full-time chauffeur is eliminated as well.

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And don’t get it wrong. Just because our prices are lower doesn’t mean that our quality of service is too. All of our chauffeurs are hand-picked and come with at least 5 years of driving experience. With FIV, eliminate the stress of traffic, directions and parking as you focus on speaking with an important client over the phone or take that extra few minutes preparing for an important meeting in the backseat of your car.

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Our various tiers of membership plans are designed to cater to your specific needs. To discover more about the exclusive benefits of of our membership plans, do check them out on our website. Should you have any queries, feel free to drop us an email at or dial 67715877 to speak with one of our friendly representatives!

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