Looking for an affordable chauffeur? Try FIV with our St. Patrick’s Day Special!

On the 17th of March every year, it’s a time where cities around the world come together and celebrate the beloved feast day of Saint Patrick with elaborate parades, green outfits, lively pub crawls and plenty of merrymaking. This also means a deluge of special offers by pubs and bars to quench your undying thirst for Guinness. After all, what’s St Pat’s day without the good o’ black stuff?

However, if you’re driving, you can’t have too much of it. And that’s when a personal driver comes in handy (bet you already knew that), but FIV is certainly your best bet when it comes to an affordable and reliable chauffeur service.St.-Patricks-Day-Hat-and-Money

Unlike hiring a full-time contract driver, FIV’s efficient pricing model of a low monthly fee allows you to enjoy top-notch driver service at an affordable hourly rate of SGD30/H!

A 24/7 service, FIV allows you to book a personal driver anytime (additional one-time midnight fee of SGD25 for bookings between 1130pm-630am). Enjoy your nights out to your heart’s content, and at the end of it a trusty FIV chauffeur will be available to drive you home safely, in your car.

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If you have plans to hire a full-time chauffeur, now’s the best time to try FIV Personal Driver. Just for the festivities, we are inviting you to try 1 hour of our chauffeur service for a non-committal fee of $10! T&Cs* apply.

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Simply download the FIV mobile app on iTunes or Google Play, and apply the promo code below to use our service. Offer’s available all March.


FIV wishes all of you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

*Make your booking at least 1 working day in advance, on weekdays, from 7am-11pm. An additional one-time charge of SGD35 will also be applicable if service is used between 1130pm-630am.

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