Let FIV help you shower your clients with appreciation and care

As the old adage goes, customers always come first. Keeping a client is as difficult as obtaining one, no matter which company or business you’re in.

However, as much as you try to keep your clients satisfied, you sometimes have no choice but to inconvenience them. Ever had a client who had to travel across the country for a meeting at your office? Or one who had to go around in circles in an attempt to locate your office because of its inaccessible location?

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You probably have. And you’ve probably thought of hiring a personal driver to chauffeur your clients out in your company car, in order to avoid these situations. Which is why FIV Personal Driver has been specially designed to make things easier for both you and your clients.

At FIV, we do all the paperwork for you. No more fussing over regular full-time chauffeur contracts and handling all the administrative work on your own. Free up more time to focus on work that actually matters, while we sort out the details for you.

Speaking of fuss-free features, FIV allows you to experience convenient payment as we charge your credit card on file. Simply input your credit card details upon registration, and worry no more about having insufficient cash on hand to pay your chauffeur!

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With our effective pricing model, FIV provides you with luxurious chauffeur services at an affordable monthly rate. Our membership plans are specially designed to cater to your business’ needs and help you save some serious cash, as compared to hiring a full-time chauffeur.

A 24/7 service, you can now extend your meetings for as long as you want, and a trusty FIV chauffeur will be there to pick your client (and you!) up from your office whenever they end. No overtime pay needed – only pay a one-time fee of SGD25 if you require a chauffeur between 11:30pm – 6:30am!

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To sign up for our membership plans, simply download the FIV mobile app on iTunes or Google Play, tap on the membership tab and follow the simple instructions.

If you have further enquires, we are more than happy to help. Feel free to dial 67715877 or drop us an email at support@fiv.sg to clarify your doubts.

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