Let FIV be your trusty transport companion on your GSS shopping spree!

With island-wide offers that will lure you all the way from the swanky malls in the heart of the island state to popular indie enclaves for treasured finds, the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is an event that shopaholics in Singapore look forward to every single year.

Being the efficient deal-hunters that we are, us Singaporeans never fail to indulge in some extensive shopping during the GSS season. After all, who doesn’t like going on a shopping spree without making a dent in their wallet?



However, with extensive shopping comes a lot of shopping bags and (very) tired feet, especially if you’re shopping with your wife.

How great would it be if you didn’t have to lug all those bags around while walking around from store to store?

With a personal chauffeur, you can do exactly that. Simply drop your bags off in your car when you find yourself unable to cope with the mountain of shopping bags on your arms, and your chauffeur will be stationed in your car the whole time to prevent your precious purchases being stolen.

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Furthermore, you won’t have to lug your exhausted self to the driver’s seat after a whole day of endless shopping just so you can fulfil your designated driver duties. Kick back, relax, and travel in the comfort of your own car as someone else takes the wheel for you.

Thinking of hiring a personal driver now? Well, try FIV Personal Driver!

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With FIV, you only pay a low hourly fee whenever you need a chauffeur, which means that you won’t waste any of your hard-earned dollars on unused man-hours, or catering to your chauffeur’s sick day leaves and CPF. You won’t even need to handle any paperwork – we’ll settle all of that for you.

A 24/7, top-notch chauffeur service, FIV allows you to book a personal driver anytime (additional one-time midnight fee of SGD25 for bookings between 1130pm-630am). Enjoy your shopping trips to your heart’s content, and at the end of it all, a trusty FIV chauffeur will be available to drive you home safely, in your car.

FIV personal chauffeur membership

Here’s more good news: throughout the GSS season (9 Jun – 13 Aug), we will be giving you the chance to experience one hour of our luxurious chauffeur services for a non-committal fee of just $10. Now’s the perfect time try out FIV for yourself before deciding whether you want to commit to our membership plans!


T&Cs* apply.

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What are some of the deals you’re most excited about this GSS season? Feel free to leave them down in the comments section below!

*Make your booking at least 1 working day in advance, on weekdays, from 7am-11pm. An additional one-time charge of SGD35 will also be applicable if service is used between 1130pm-630am.

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