Keep your ride in good shape this rainy season

Sudden downpours are frequent occurrences in Singapore these days, which means slippery roads, blurry windscreens, and the worst part of all – crazy traffic jams.

Most drivers know the golden rules for driving in rainy conditions – turn on your lights, slow down, keep a safe distance from the next car – but did you know that rain and wet driving conditions affect vehicle parts very differently from regular (dry) conditions and could compromise on the well-being of your car and hence your safety? Well, that’s why we are here to provide you with five simple tips to help keep your ride in good shape, even on the rainiest day of the year.

1. Keep washing your car

wash car

It’s definitely tempting to skip the car washing because it’s raining all the time anyway, but don’t give into those temptations. Rain doesn’t do any favours for your vehicle’s exterior as it leaves behind acidic deposits that eat away at the exposed parts of your car. A simple quick wash can help neutralise the acidity and maintain the well-being of your car during rainy seasons.

2.  Maintain your wheels for driving safety
car wheel

During the rainy season, it’s extra important for your vehicle’s tyres to be in tip-top condition. On wet road surfaces, vehicles are prone to aquaplaning, which could lead to undesired road accidents. To minimise this risk, regularly check your tyres to ensure they’re not worn out. If they are, make sure to replace them ASAP!

3. Look out for your windscreen wipers


Your wipers are going to be working very hard this wet weather season, so check on the condition of your wiper blades and quantity of washer fluid frequently. Listen and watch out for unusual noises and streaking, which indicate that the wiper blades might need to be replaced.

4. Check your head lights and taillights


Your head lights and taillights are crucial during rainy season – not just for illuminating the environment when it’s dark and stormy, but to clearly indicate your position to other road users. For your driving safety, ensure your head lights and taillights are always turned on.

5. Hire a personal chauffeur

No one likes driving in rainy weather – not only is it dangerous, it can be very frustrating, especially with the heavy traffic in Singapore. With FIV Personal Driver, rest assured that you will experience safe and pleasant commutes in the comfort of your own car, even in the stormiest downpours. At an affordable rate of SGD35/H, relax in the backseat as your trusty FIV Chauffeur tackles the slippery roads and traffic jams for you this rainy season.FIV Personal Driver

To get started, simply download the FIV app on iTunes or Google Play and book your personal driver today! For more frequent usage, find out more about our membership plans here.

Do you know of other useful tips not listed here? Feel free to tell us in the comments section down below!

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