Having too many meetings and business dinners to attend?

Countless hours are spent every day, every week, in meetings. Discussions, decisions, and companionship are provided (along with some snacks if you are so lucky), and occasionally, you get to travel out of your office for a decent meal with a business partner or client.

And we get it. Meetings, events and business dinners can be a drag. They go on longer than they’re supposed to, and before you know it, hours have passed and it’s getting dark outside. By the time you’re allowed to leave, you’re mentally exhausted and all you want to do is get home, kick back, and get yourself some much-needed rest.

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However, when you’re that tired, the thought of having to drive yourself home is almost inconceivable. Having to put up with traffic and irresponsible drivers after a long day? No, thank you! Furthermore, fatigue increases your risk of getting into an accident, and that’s the last thing you want to deal with on a late work day.

The solution? Hire a personal driver, of course. However, instead of hiring a full-time chauffeur and paying a premium for idle man-hours, let FIV take care of your transport needs for you. With our efficient pricing model, you only pay for a driver when you need one, and still get to experience top-notch chauffeur service.

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Don’t worry – we screen all our drivers for clean traffic records and at least five years of driving experience in order to bring you the best chauffeur service in town. After all, no one wants their chauffeur to crash their brand new Mercedes-Benz or experience a bumpy ride after a long, weary day.

Not convinced yet? Feel free to check out the myriad of benefits you’ll receive by signing up for any one of our membership plans! With six carefully curated tiers of membership, you’re able to pick the one that caters to your personal needs best.

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Take a break and let a FIV chauffeur take the front seat today. To sign up for membership, simply download the FIV app on iTunes or Google Play, and tap on the Membership tab to get yourself started!

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