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The impact of Singapore’s rapidly ageing population is being felt today. Everyone’s working doubly hard for their parents to enjoy blissful retirements. Ironically, with such hefty workloads, making sure that your parents’ needs are always met can be quite the headache-inducing challenge.


How many occasions have you not been able to accompany your parents for their health checkups, due to that all important meeting? Taking public transport is not the most comfortable option, and neither is booking a cab the safest alternative. You can’t help but only want the best for your parents.

With FIV Personal Driver, your worries can be completely cast aside. We are an affordable chauffeur service that connects you to professional drivers 24/7. All our chauffeurs have at least 5 years of driving experience, and you can be assured of safe and smooth journeys for your parents (and your car, of course!).

FIV Personal Driver

You must be thinking that hiring a personal chauffeur in Singapore is impractical, extremely costly and a huge hassle. Hiring a full-time private driver can easily set you back SGD3000-SGD3500 per month. And not to mention the administrative issues of CPF, leave entitlements and sick days that come with it.

The beauty of FIV, therefore, is that you no longer have to hire full-time drivers. FIV allows you to enjoy top-notch chauffeur service at low hourly rates of SGD35/H!

In addition, FIV is a 24/7 service with a large pool of drivers. No more seeking alternative transport options when your personal driver is on holiday or sick leave. We guarantee you a driver whenever you need one!

FIV Personal Driver

Worried that your parents might not have enough cash on hand? Well, with FIV, no cash, no tips are needed. We charge your credit card on file. Simply save your credit card details in the FIV mobile app and you are all set.

FIV Personal Driver

Book your personal driver hassle-free today. Be sure to download the app on iTunes or Google Play and let your parents experience the luxury of FIV’s driver service!

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