Craving for more quality time with your family?

Most of us are caught up in a hectic whirlwind of activities which start on Monday morning, end on Sunday night and then begin all over again. Time slips by as we rush to complete urgent tasks such as juggling jobs, running the household, and chauffeuring our family members everywhere.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of our own lives, we all crave that quality time with our families. After all, quality family time is one of the top reasons that results in elevated levels of happiness, and is sometimes known as the ultimate modern luxury. However, with our crazy schedules and busy lives, finding the time to properly engage in some family-bonding activities isn’t easy.


Which is why FIV Personal Driver is here to help. With a professional chauffeur taking the front seat, your usual designated chauffeuring duties are off.

Take the backseat with your children and spouse, and allow yourself to enjoy their company en route to school, work, or that family dinner spot. You no longer have to keep your eyes peeled the road, and can instead focus on spending quality time with your family – in the comfort of your own car!

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As for weekend family trips, nothing feels worse than being stuck in the weekend traffic. Being trapped in a car with impatient children repeatedly asking “hey, are we there yet?” isn’t exactly the picture-perfect family trip we all hope for.

The solution? Use FIV instead and allow a personal chauffeur to take the wheel for you. Entertain your kids and engage in some quality conversations with your family members as someone else tackles the insane traffic for you. The best part? Everyone is in a jovial mood and you get to experience your picture-perfect family trip like the one you’d hoped for.

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Furthermore, there is no extra charge for weekend chauffeur services as long as you make your booking in advance, on weekdays, from 7am – 11pm. Why hire a full-time chauffeur and have to pay extra overtime pay on weekends, when you can use FIV at a lower price for the same high-quality service?

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Time with your loved ones is priceless. To sign up for FIV membership, simply download the FIV app on iTunes or Google Play and tap on the Membership tab to get yourself started!

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