Celebrate Our Chauffeurs with Us This Labour Day!

In Singapore, we celebrate Labour Day on the first day of May each year as a mark of solidarity amongst workers. It is a day set aside in honour of workers and their contributions to the country, but most importantly, everyone gets an extra day of rest.

Did you know that by using FIV and purchasing our membership plans, you’re not only improving your life, but making our chauffeurs’ lives better as well?

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With FIV Personal Driver, our chauffeurs are independent contractors. In layman terms, they’re their own boss. They get to decide when, and how hard they want to work. With no minimum quota to meet and flexible work schedules, we ensure that all our chauffeurs are extremely well taken care of.

However, to make sure that our chauffeur services remain available 24/7, we maintain a wide pool of chauffeurs with different work schedules – some work regular 9-5 jobs, while some are on shifts. With over 200 chauffeurs currently, we guarantee that there will always be a chauffeur available to pick you up anytime, anywhere.

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We also help our drivers maximise their earnings while bearing minimal costs. Unlike taxi, Uber or Grab drivers, FIV chauffeurs drive our clients’ cars. Therefore, there is no need for them to constantly worry about extra expenditure like car rental fees, fuel expenses and carpark charges. Basically, our drivers get to keep all of their hard-earned money!

Owning a car isn’t a pre-requisite to be a FIV driver either. What we require of our chauffeurs is simply five years of driving experience and clean criminal records, in order to make sure that you’re getting the best chauffeurs in the market when you purchase a membership plan.

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If you’re looking to hire a full-time contract driver, now’s the best time to try out FIV. From now till the end of April, we’re giving you the chance to try one hour of our luxurious chauffeur services for a non-committal fee of just $10, before you decide whether or not to commit to a membership plan that best suits your needs.

Simply download the FIV mobile app on iTunes or Google Play and key in the promo code below upon booking your personal driver!

T&Cs* apply.

Use promo code: FIV10


FIV wishes all a Happy Labour Day!

*Make your booking at least 1 working day in advance, on weekdays, from 7am-11pm. An additional one-time charge of SGD35 will also be applicable if service is used between 1130pm-630am.

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