Provide your parents with the best transport

The impact of Singapore’s rapidly ageing population is being felt today. Everyone’s working doubly hard for their parents to enjoy blissful retirements. Ironically, with such hefty workloads, making sure that your parents’ needs are always met can be quite the headache-inducing challenge. How many occasions have you not been able to accompany your parents for their…

Fuel Efficiency

7 Actionable Ways for Better Gas Mileage

The exorbitant rates of car ownership have always been a hot topic of contention in Singapore. While we can’t avoid paying for absolute prices such as COE, taxes and miscellaneous admin fees, we can certainly reduce the expenses of fuel consumption. Here, we detail 7 actionable ways to improve fuel-efficiency. Check your tyres at least…


Top luxury cars in Singapore: Price

When you are shopping for a car, you know that your money should get you quality and reliability. For clientele with greater aspirations, though—such as luxury and exclusivity—no price tag is too big. The most expensive cars … READ MORE!

Hennessey Venom GT Singapore

Top luxury cars in Singapore: Speed

Few experiences are so exhilarating as zooming down the open road. With a car equipped for the challenge, it’s easy to get lost in the moment and feel as though you are flying. There are a few models, in particular, that are sure to blow you away with speed… READ MORE!